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  • Molly Y: "The appliance has changed my life."

    The appliance has changed my life. I feel more alive, sharper, happier, more balanced. The way I speak and pronounce words is clearer. I'm able to focus and feel more present in life. I feel a deeper connection to life and everything around me. Some of the things I've experienced are unable to be explained.
  • Garen: "Dr. Gorman is not only highly competent, but he is genuine and kind person"

    What can I say about Dr. Gorman other than he is a professional who truly cares about his patients, who is extremely knowledgeable and gladly and patiently explains symptoms, the causes of them and the proper procedure on how to remedy them. Not only does he discuss actual treatment he can provide, but he suggests alternative measures that can be taken in order to solve the problem prior to taking any invasive steps. I went in to see if I had sleep apnea since I snored, and he suggested I try losing some weight first in order to determine if that relieved the snoring. This prior to him suggesting I go through any expensive tests or treatments for sleep apnea.
  • Mary: "Dr. Gorman was always friendly and patient and explained what I should expect to experience"

    I originally came to Dr. Gorman about 6 years ago for recurring TMJ problems. He took measurements of things in my mouth and did a thorough exam of my bite. He recommended fitting me with a retainer-like device that would allow my jaw to gradually readjust itself to where it should naturally be. I had to come in many times, as was explained to me, for adjustments to the device and to my bite to allow my jaw to keep moving and healing itself. It took about 3 or 4 months before my jaw seemed to become more stable, and small adjustments are still needed every now and then as my jaw continues to heal. Throughout this process Dr. Gorman was always friendly and patient and explained what I should expect to experience. I was really impressed by his extensive knowledge of TMJ issues and all of the research and study he had done to go way, way beyond the surprisingly limited amount of TMJ instruction that dental schools teach their students even now. Dr. Gorman is frequently attending seminars and/or giving presentations himself.
    So, six years or so later, I am very happy that my bite is very stable. I have maintained it by following Dr. Gorman's advice and wearing a nightguard every night. It is absolutely worth it, and I realize that all of the time it has taken to restore my bite might have been greatly reduced if I had found Dr. Gorman 30 years ago. Of course, it goes without saying that he has a top notch, very professional and friendly staff of dental assistants and front office, who are dedicated to making patients feel welcome and important.
    So I decided six years ago to go to Dr. Gorman for all of my dental needs; the periodontal cleanings by their excellent hygienist, and regular checkups, fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. I wish that Dr. Gorman's expertise could be shared with dental schools to make it available, or better yet REQUIRED instruction for all dentists.
  • Ken: "An exceptional dentist"

    He is the first health professional that took a holistic understanding of my needs. I speak to medical research scientists for my work, and his breadth of knowledge rivals any of them.
  • Jacqueline: "So happy to find this doctor"

    I am inherently suspicious of dentists and feel like I'm always getting sold. The doc and his staff come across honest and caring and they really know what they are talking about. I can finally get rid of my TMJ and teeth clenching!
  • Ross: "Dr. Gorman is amazing!"

    He stopped my snoring, which has been described by my wife as "sleeping next to a jet engine," and made her so so SO incredibly happy. Everyone in his office is so nice and helpful, and go above and beyond, genuinely caring about every customer. I can't recommend Dr. Gorman highly enough.
  • Bob & Nancy: "Dr Gorman is a wonderful DDS"

    He and his staff are the BEST. He is well educated and keeps current and up to date with the latest technologies. Any services you receive, any treatment, whether it be a regular cleaning, or tooth repair, from cavities filled to oral surgery you can be sure you will be very satisfied. And the staff is very good, kind and supportive.
  • Khara: “I Haven’t Had Pain Since Seeing Dr. Gorman”

    Dr. Gorman was the first doctor to finally understand my jaw pain, and I even cried from feeling relieved that he understood me! The technology he uses is awesome! For example, he uses an x-ray machine that takes a 360-degree of your head, and then the x-ray is sent to a radiologist. Personally I was impressed! Gorman took an extra step to send the x-rays to a radiologist. That’s some thorough work on his part!

    As of now, June 17, 2015, I have been his patient for about 5-6 months. I know I made the right choice to go with his expertise, since I started out with tons of pain, and currently have none! For future and present patients, I strongly insist that you follow the simple regime to correct the issues with your jaw. WEAR THE MOUTH PIECE 24/7 NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR BRAIN TELLS YOU, “THIS IS FOREIGN TAKE IT OUT!” Don’t be discouraged if you get a TEMPORARY lisp! The entire process will be worth it! If you truly don’t want to suffer from pain, again, FOLLOW THE REGIME! I used to have to go to the chiropractor for my back, neck and jaw 3 times a week. Since I’ve been a patient of Gorman, I haven’t had to go once! I am so thankful for Dr. Gorman, and soon I will have finished my entire jaw process!
  • Jordan: “I Trust Dr. Gorman with My Entire Family”

    All were right on time for my appointment, no waiting. He is brilliant and made corrections to my DNA device which now is the only device to stop my snoring and gasping for air in 30 years. He was exactly right about the corrections. I trust him with my entire family. It is a joy to see him and his hugely professional staff.
  • Chad: “I Actually Look Forward to the Dentist”

    Finally a dental office that doesn’t try to sell you anything, but really just educates you about your options and helps you make the best decisions about your health.

    I’ve had a few regular cleanings here, an SRP (deep cleaning), and I must say, although I abhor needles, and honestly most healthcare-related appointments in general, spending time at Dr. G’s office has become something I actually look forward to. From the moment you walk in, you’re offered bottled water and coffee, everyone somehow remembers your name, and the treatments always go swimmingly. Sanda, the hygienist, is the gentlest, kindest person you’ll meet, and she really knows what she’s doing.

    And Dr. Gorman is great as well. He’s very honest and has actually taught me a ton about how much the teeth and jaw alignment can affect your health. Now I’m always diagnosing people when sitting in airports etc…”Them? They’re a mouth breather,” or “Ooh, that guy probably has tempromandibular joint disorder, see the way he’s wrinkling his eyebrows when he chews?”–that kind of thing. At the end of the day, the good people of Gorman Dental have apparently left such an impression on me that I’m actually typing this long review here about a dental office…never thought I’d see the day. But lo and behold. Here we are.

    Thanks Dr. G, Sanda, Nancy, Maria, AJ, and Leyli, y’all are the best.
  • Megan: “See Dr. Gorman and His Team…Seriously”

    Dr. Gorman and his team are THE best dental experts I have ever come across. I sincerely do not recommend going anywhere else. Besides everyone being super friendly, they are tentative to my needs at every visit and truly do care about my dental health.

    I came to Dr. Gorman for TMJ issues and now my symptoms are completely gone! Since my experience with Dr. Gorman was so great, I decided to see their dental hygienist, Sanda, for a teeth cleaning. Sanda is absolutely amazing! It had been about two years since I had a cleaning done, so it was no surprise she found I had early stage gingivitis. She carefully explained the cause of gingivitis and the long term effects it would have if I did not clear it up right away. Since she treated my gingivitis, I have not had any gum bleeding or sensitivity!

    Long story short, see Dr. Gorman and his team…seriously.
  • Finn: “Nothing Compares to Dr. Gorman”

    Dr. Gorman and his staff are the best and the most professional team I have ever seen for my family and my dental care and maintenance. I have seen several dentists in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach during my lifetime, and nothing compares to the care and attention to detail that Dr. Gorman and his staff provide. I would challenge anyone else to find a better dentist and staff than Gorman Dental.
  • Dena: “I Recommend the Office to Everyone”

    Dr. Gorman is a great dentist. He takes his time to explain any issues or treatments you may be facing. His ability to make you feel comfortable is amazing. He is not one to rush you to a decision, the patient is his first concern. If you aren’t ready for a certain treatment he would suggest you take your time to make a decision. Going to the dentist used to be a terrifying experience, that went away years ago once I switched to Dr. Gorman.

    Not to mention the staff…they are all so knowledgeable and welcoming. I would, and do recommend the office to everyone!
  • Jen: “Dr. Gorman Stays on the Forefront of Dentistry”

    I first came to Dr. Gorman because of my TMJ. I had been to other dentists, but no one had the same approach. Very quickly after beginning treatment, I began to notice improvements in the level of pain and other symptoms of my TMJ.

    I feel like he really goes above and beyond to stay on the forefront of dental medicine so that he can provide his patients with the best alternatives out there. I have been very happy to mention Dr. Gorman to friends and others who have TMJ or sleep apnea, as I truly believe he is one of the few in the country who has the right methodology to correct the problem with little or no discomfort.

    I also switched to his office for my regular cleanings. Sanda provides good feedback after every cleaning so that I know if there is something I can be doing better to keep my teeth and gums healthy. She takes care around sensitive areas and makes every effort to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Everyone in the office is both friendly and professional. This really makes the experience complete, and lets me know that I’m in the right place for my dental care.
  • Myron: “I am Impressed with His Ability to Treat me Painlessly”

    During the last eight years Dr. Gorman has been my dentist and has provided me with what I consider excellent dental care.

    I am impressed with his ability to treat me and apply the necessary treatments painlessly and in a very efficient way. I am impressed with not only his modern and updated technology, but also with his care and proficiency in performing treatments.

    He takes the time to explain why he needs to proceed in a way to accomplish his goal, so that I know what to expect and what decision to make in my treatment options. His technique and professional care are without question. I trust him and know he is capable of taking care of my dental future needs.
  • Amadeo: “I am Extremely Pleased with Dr. Martin Gorman”

    I am extremely pleased with Dr. Martin Gorman’s and his staff’s professional service. I intend to recommend him to anyone who needs a dental device for mild OSA.
  • Gary: “My Teeth Look Better Than They Ever Looked in My Life”

    I had some very questionable dentistry done to me by another dentist, and Dr. Gorman was able to fix all of my considerable problems with full implants for my upper teeth. His work was perfect and now my teeth look better than they ever looked in my life. I can eat anything and I feel confident when I smile.

    When I tell people about what my situation was, and how Dr. Gorman saved my smile, they find it hard to believe that a person with such perfect teeth was not always that way. His empathy and dedication, and the dedication of his staff are things that are rarely encountered in the world today; a world-class dentist in a world-class office.

    Thanks, Dr. Gorman.
  • Azar: “No Pain, No Waiting! I Highly Recommend Gorman”

    This is the first review I have ever left for a business and I am doing so because I truly appreciate everyone at Dr. Gorman’s office! I have had dental implants and crowns done by Dr. Gorman and I go to his office on a regular basis for my hygiene appointments! I have always had a fear of going to dentists, but this office is truly different! No pain, no waiting! I highly recommend Dr. Gorman.
  • Joanne: “He is Not Just a Dentist, He is an Artist.”

    I have been a patient of Dr. Gorman for over 23 years. He is not just a dentist, he is an artist. I have had to have extensive dental work in the past that had failed. Then I moved to LA and found Dr. Gorman. What a blessing that was.

    He and his entire staff are wonderful, informative and have become almost like family. His work is so amazingly gorgeous that total strangers have come to me to tell me I have the most beautiful smile and teeth they have ever seen. That is completely the work of Dr. Gorman. I never thought I would ever say this but, I actually enjoy going to the dentist! His work is truly stunning and his staff is the best.
  • Heather: “If You’re Looking For a GREAT Dentist, Call Dr. Gorman”

    ***READ THIS!***

    I heard about Dr. Gorman from a friend who was raving about her amazing dentist and his staff. I thought it was unusual for a conversation about dentistry. I asked her his name because of this.

    A short time later, I had an emergency with an infection and could not get into my dentist for THREE WEEKS. The pain was intense and my dentist didn’t seem to care. I called Dr. Gorman and he took me straight away. It was unfortunately too late for me and he had to extract 2 molars and do 2 bone grafts, even though he tried to save one of my molars. I can honestly say I’ve never had a more caring, kind dentist. He also discovered, while x-raying and examining my mouth, that my previous dentist had done a huge amount of bad work (which had cost over $13,000!), making expensive bridges and crowning (5 front bottom teeth), all of it done recently (a few months), which DID NOT FIT and covered decay under the front crowns and bridge anchor tooth, instead of fixing the decay first!

    Dr. Gorman took the time to take photographs of the bad, expensive work and wrote a report of his findings to help me go to my insurance company to ask for some kind of refund or help as ALL this extensive work would have to be redone or fixed so that I can have a healthy beautiful mouth and smile. Dr. Gorman took the time to hand-write me a note apologizing for my bad experience with my dentist and hoped he could regain my confidence in dentistry. He has called to check on me after the work he has since done, and has treated me with kindness and care.

    I have worked out a plan with Dr. Gorman to restore my mouth to healthy. He works with the “Big Picture” instead of just fixing as things hurt. He continues his training by attending seminars, in and out of state for new techniques and ways to better his knowledge. His staff are all very friendly, kind and professional, just like he is.

    No one I have ever known enjoyed going to their dentist, except my dear friend, and now I understand why. I now feel the same. Dr. Gorman is such an exception!

    I am a professional actress by trade for the last 47 years and my smile is extra important as I am photographed for a living. I will say that my intuition about my previous dentist was saying “be careful, he’s pushing for much work and was a bully with his staff, and even with me a few times. Quite rude.” BUT, he took ALL INSURANCE and that is how I ended up there. It has COST ME DEARLY, more than any insurance could save me. I’ve lost teeth and endured much pain, not to mention the monetary cost. He has not heard the last from me, as I am submitting the photographs and report Dr. Gorman so kindly did to our insurance company.

    Save yourself this awful experience! If you’re having doubts about your dentist or are looking for a new dentist, a GREAT dentist, call Dr. Martin N. Gorman. You will be grateful you did.
  • Bill: “You Will Not Find a Better Dental Office!!”

    I would highly recommend Dr Gorman to anyone looking for a dentist!! Everybody in his office goes out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. You will not find a better dental office!!
  • Laura: “The Results Were Beyond My Expectation”

    Dr. Gorman is truly AMAZING! He genuinely cares for his patients and does an outstanding job in providing the best dental care.

    I’m a very picky person and after a significant amount of research, I decided to go through with Dr. Gorman for a set of veneers. I haven’t stopped getting complements on my smile ever since! The results were beyond my expectation and I could not be any happier.

    In addition, his staff provided outstanding service throughout the process anytime I had any questions or concerns. He is highly recommended! Absolutely love Dr. Gorman and the staff at Gorman Dental!
  • Marilee: “Kind, Attentive and Thorough”

    Kind, attentive and thorough — as excellent of an experience as “going to the dentist” can be!
  • Joseph: “Sanda Always Treats her Patients with Care”

    Great experience. I have been going there for years and the staff is very friendly and caring about their patients’ needs. Sanda treats her patients with care, and always makes her patients’ experience a positive one.

    I have had painful experiences with other dentists, but she is the best I have had, hands down! As soon as you sit down in her chair, prepare for one of the best (pain-free) experiences ever. She’ll turn on some great classical music, and after some engaging conversation, you’ll leave there thoroughly happy about your experience.
  • Jennifer: “Dr. Gorman is a Perfectionist and Totally Dedicated”

    I wore braces as a teenager. By the time I was 20, my jaw was clicking and popping. Although I had TMJ treatment in my 30s, which resolved the problem, I’ve had extensive dental work including crowns and several root canals, plus cavities filled by two dentists over the last 30 years. Sad to say that the clicking returned about 2 years ago, and even more painful was the frequent, unpredictable biting of my cheeks while eating. I couldn’t feel my jaw shifting, only the pain of suddenly biting my cheek while chewing.

    I searched for a TMJ specialist and went to consult Dr. Gorman. He recognized my problems immediately and explained in detail how we could bring my jaw back to its natural alignment and then adjust the bite to keep it in the right place. He took an impression and made an appliance that I had to wear for about 2 months, 24 hours a day. (He had said that depending on the person, it might take up to 6 months of wearing the appliance to acheive the desired result).

    He had me come in to the office as many as 3 times a week at first, so he could check the progress and adjust the appliance. He was meticulous in checking my bite week after week and making constant adjustments. In all, it has taken 4 months, and replacing several crowns, to restore my teeth that were damaged from many years of incorrect biting and grinding. I am happy to say that Dr. Gorman is a perfectionist and totally dedicated to seeing that the patient is pain-free. He is tireless in making as many adjustments as necessary to restore the bite.

    And as an added benefit: when I told him about the problem of constantly biting my cheeks, he checked my rear molars, which were crowns done years earlier by another dentist. He remarked that they should have been shaped, then did a little shaping of the rear molars and I am not experiencing the cheek biting anymore. That is such a relief.

    I highly recommend Dr. Gorman. He is totally dedicated to the patient’s goals. Everyone in his office, from the receptionists to the dental assistants, are very friendly and professional.
  • Nazli: “Dr. Gorman Truly Cares About Your Overall Health”

    Dr. Gorman is by far the most well-versed and passionate dentist I have ever gone to. He takes his time explaining what is going on, and makes you feel like he truly cares about your overall health.

    Best of all, he has a great sense of humor. His entire staff is amazing, fun and provide top-notch service. If you are looking for a great dentist in the LA area, Dr. Gorman is undoubtedly your best choice! I make the commute from OC to LA to visit his office, and they are worth the drive.
  • Asia: “I Felt So Taken Care Of”

    Where can I even begin…an incredibly positive experience! The staff is friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and efficient–just extremely pleasant to be around. I felt so taken care of.

    The doctor is sheer professional, and gentle, he makes it all look easy and his dental work is top notch! I can’t rave enough about this office. For anyone, especially someone with a dental phobia, this is the office to visit. Up-to-date with the latest technology, and I felt little to no pain with all of my treatments. For my dental health care, I would only go to Dr. Gorman. I highly recommend him to everyone I know.
  • Teodoro: “The Great Service Started with the First Phone Call”

    Amazing!!! I was blown away by the amazing service I received at your office!! The great service started with the first phone call when all I needed was information. The day of my appointment I was greeted like family and was made to feel comfortable right away. EVERYONE was amazing! The front office staff, the hygenist, and the assistants.

    Your staff is a SUPER example of what customer service should be…and let’s not forget best and super-smart Dr. Gorman. I have found my second home.
  • Victoria: “I Really Enjoy Going to My Appointments”

    This office has been a pleasure to go to. I used to be so petrified going to the dentist. But 8 years ago, all that changed. With the warm staff and great dentist, I really enjoy going to my appointments. You also don’t miss a beat. How sweet that you invite all your patients once a year for a patients’ appreciation party, and also you sent me a Happy Birthday email. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Every time I have an appointment coming up I look forward to seeing you all.
  • Jada: “A Visit to Dr. Gorman Makes One Feel Like a VIP”

    A visit to Dr. Gorman makes one feel like a VIP. From the first greeting from the office staff, to dental assistants to the fabulous dentist, everyone is kind, compassionate and fun. The patients are treated as invited guests to be made happy and comfortable. And on top of it, they constantly produce an excellent product in a beautiful, comfortable environment.