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Dr. Gorman Teams with VIVOS to Improve Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Woman-Wake-Up-SmilingGorman Dental Center is pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with VIVOS® to enhance the planning and execution of treatment for sleep apnea! As a leader in breathing wellness, VIVOS® is committed to equipping healthcare professionals with the resources, support, and collaboration needed to optimize solutions for sleep-related airway conditions like sleep apnea based on the unique needs of each individual.

When a patient comes to our practice for sleep apnea treatment, Dr. Gorman can gather and share data with VIVOS®—including home sleep test results, CT scans, images, and dental impressions—in order to jointly assess the specific case. Based on this collaborative evaluation, the most effective treatment for the individual can be identified and implemented by Dr. Gorman, optimizing the potential for a significant improvement in nighttime breathing.

In addition to offering support in the planning of each sleep apnea treatment, VIVOS® provides continuing education on the underlying causes of most sleep-related airway conditions, enabling Dr. Gorman and our team to advance our knowledge of how to properly optimize breathing wellness on a patient-to-patient basis. In fact, we will be attending four upcoming courses centered around furthering our office’s management of sleep apnea cases as well as Dr. Gorman’s familiarity with DNA and mRNA and the role they play in breathing wellness.

For more information about VIVOS®, or if you wish to schedule a sleep apnea appointment with Dr. Gorman, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice today.