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Meet Dr. Martin Gorman

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Dr-GormanMartin N. Gorman, D.D.S. is a highly trained practitioner with over 40 years of experience in dentistry. He specializes in the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), sleep disorders, and epigenetic orthodontics.

He believes all of his patients should have an opportunity to achieve optimal dental health in a safe, caring, anxiety-free environment. He is committed to patient comfort.

How is Dr. Gorman Different?

As a bioesthetic trained dentist, Dr. Gorman recognizes that successful and predictable esthetic dentistry must be functional and in harmony with all parts of the chewing system. Dr. Gorman has been uniquely trained to accurately diagnose problems with the chewing system and provide the most conservative dental therapies necessary to correct the underlying causes of tooth wear—not just the symptoms.

A Leader in Research and Innovation

Another thing that sets Dr. Gorman apart is his innovation in the field of TMJ / TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). He not only uses the latest techniques, but pioneers new ones, including his own patent-pending TMJ oral appliance.

Providing patients with relief from the adverse effects of this condition has become one of the primary focuses of Dr. Gorman’s dental practice. His goal is to allow patients to be pain-free, thereby improving the quality of their lives. He offers a complete, all natural, non-surgical in-office program for treating TMJ problems and related symptoms, such as headaches, jaw pain, bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding), and tinnitus (ringing in the ears possibly from neck pain and jaw pain).

A Respected Educator, Speaker, and Lifelong Learner

Education is a major cornerstone of Dr. Gorman’s practice, and he and his staff regularly attend seminars to provide their patients with the best healthcare available. Since 1999 to the present, Dr. Gorman has completed over 5000 hours of continuing education in various disciplines of dentistry, including: dental sleep medicine, dental implants, bioesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, and temporomandibular joint functions.

He is also dedicated to educating other professionals, committing to speaking engagements regularly and presenting on such topics as esthetic, functional, and bioesthetic dentistry, as well as TMJ. He has led many development workshops, retreats and panels for a variety of practices and other groups. Because of his multi-faceted background, he can speak effectively to many different audiences.

Additionally, Dr. Gorman is widely considered an authority on subjects of his expertise, both online and throughout the Dental and Sleep Health communities. A clear upward trend is developing in the public’s interest in the information he is providing via the web on these commonly undiagnosed medical conditions that have dental treatment solutions (Such as TMD and OSA).

“I have always been drawn to study things that provide a path, a way to make sense out of the work that I do. When I found bioesthetic dentistry, I knew that I had found a model and standard that would give my patients truly perfect function and aesthetics. I jumped in with both feet and I am pleased to be bringing bioesthetic dentistry to the Greater Los Angeles Area. ”

~ Dr. Martin Gorman


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